Shiny Video Review: Ugobe's Pleo dinosaur robot

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It’s the Pleo! The Pleo! The Pleo from Ugobe! I don’t think I need to say anything else, to be honest. It’s the Pleo, after all!

Firebox Pleo

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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “Shiny Video Review: Ugobe's Pleo dinosaur robot

  • Just a furby with skin and life like movement. I’ve had one now for just over a month and although the claims are that it has AI that can’t be further from the truth. The only development stage Pleo has is the one hour or so from infancy to juvenile. Once at juvenile stage Pleo has the same predictable, pre-programmed responses to your touch and that’s about it. Sure it moves very realistically, but for the price and the hype I expected more. Pleo can hear but does not understand nor respond to any sound, Pleo can see but does not understand what it sees and for the limited amount of walking it does it is best to let it sleep as too much movement will lessen the 1 hour playtime before you have to recharge the battery for another 4.5 hours again. For a tug at the heart strings Pleo does it well, until you become bored with it only to store it in the cupboard to occasionally take it out and show to friends at dinner parties who have never seen one before. Add that to flaky skin and chipping teeth without the availability of a spare battery and Pleo becomes an expensive rubberised furby destined for eBay.

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