Ugobe passes the buck on Pleo sacrifice at Maker Faire, expresses outrage


Uh-oh. Looks like Ugobe has been bombarded with plenty of negative feedback from Pleo enthusiasts since the video taken at Maker Faire on the weekend found its way on many blogs across the internet!

Posted on the PleoWorld forum, a Ugobe representative claims “the folks that were behind this stunt did it without authorization or approval. It seems the prankster spirit overcame them, and FYI, there was quite a ruckus here in the office about it today. Many people were shocked and appalled, including the UGOBE reps at our Maker Faire booth!”…

A robot war to make your heart bleed: the Pleo gets savaged at Maker Faire


For the queasy-stomached, I would suggest you find another computer monitor to stare at. It’s pretty grim. That deflated yellow and green skin littering the ground in the photo above is actually a Pleo, after a ruckus at the weekend’s Maker Faire in the US.

Take a look below the jump for the video footage of the poor defenseless dino getting savaged by Vicious Verdict, a rival ComBot robot. Be warned – it’s pretty gruesome…

Shiny Video Review: Hyde Park Robot Wars!

Last week Gary and I toured London’s Soho sex shops, this week we regressed to our ten-year-old selves and battled in the famous Hyde Park. I present you with…


Featuring Pleo the dinosaur, available from IWOOT for £249, the Meccano Spykee Micro also from IWOOT for £19.99, and the iRobot Roomba which is available for around £135.

So, who won in this bloody battle? I’ll tell you what, it certainly wasn’t our pride, which was wounded and is lying in a pool of blood somewhere in a central London park….

New download will allow your Pleo to sit and sing apparently. Rick Astley choons unconfirmed.


As soon as I heard the Pleo dinosaur had an SD card and USB slots in its belly, the potential for after-purchase upgrades immediately sprung to mind.

The latest download, LifeOS 1.1 includes many prime examples of the possible innovations that could be brought to life through these slots, with your little green dino being able to sit for the very first time, as well as change emotions…

Is Pleo the robotic dinosaur the new Sony Aibo?

When I first heard about Pleo in January’s issue of Wired magazine, I got all excited thinking about the possibilities of owning a robotic dinosaur. We’ve seen many robotic animals such as the Furby, Robosapien and Sony’s Aibo, but this Pleo sounded like a whole different kettle of fish.

Dreams become reality, and only a few months after the interview with Chung was published in Wired, it’s now been placed on every geeks favourite boutique, ThinkGeek. Pleo the dinosaur doesn’t just look the part, he moves and react autonomously with both humans and his surroundings, in a ‘lifelike, organic movement’…