Ugobe passes the buck on Pleo sacrifice at Maker Faire, expresses outrage


dead-pleo-2.jpgUh-oh. Looks like Ugobe has been bombarded with plenty of negative feedback from Pleo enthusiasts since the video taken at Maker Faire on the weekend found its way on many blogs across the internet!

Posted on the PleoWorld forum, a Ugobe representative claims “the folks that were behind this stunt did it without authorization or approval. It seems the prankster spirit overcame them, and FYI, there was quite a ruckus here in the office about it today. Many people were shocked and appalled, including the UGOBE reps at our Maker Faire booth!”

It does appear however, that the Pleo donated to the Maker Faire was actually from Ugobe themselves, with them saying “it is perhaps a small consolation to know that the Pleo destroyed was a factory prototype”.

A fair bit of back-tracking has gone on here, as you can tell. But what about the Vicious Verdict, the rival ComBot that destroyed the Pleo? Is there no union of Vicious Verdict rights’ protesters lobbying for the end of this blatant exploitation for human pleasure?

PleoWorld (via BotJunkie)

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  • That such a wonderful object was needlessly and wastefully destroyed is a shame.

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