MySpace to share your details with eBay, Twitter and Yahoo but only if you want

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opensocial-foundation-google-yahoo-myspace.jpgIt’s funny, isn’t it? On the one hand we have infinite remote security where you have to tell someone the middle name of the first person you snogged before you can buy an ice-cream over the phone and then online we’re chucking personal information about like there’s no tomorrow.

Sites like Facebook have seen us divulge everything short of our bank details – although I’m sure an application for that is on its way – and now it seems they’re going to share their info with each other, with our consent of course.

MySpace has launched MySpace Data Availability as part the Yahoo Open Social Foundation, which shares your details with its partner sites Photobucket, eBay, Twitter and Yahoo. So, if you want, you can allow people to see all of your profile details on your MySpace page in conjunction with whatever pictures, videos, auctions, Twitters or whatever else you may have uploaded onto the other sites.

So long as you take long slow breaths, have a think about it and don’t put anything too criminal on your MySpace page, it’s actually quite a good idea.

It always feels like your dealing with faceless strangers in quite important financial transactions on eBay and to be able to look a little closer at the person you’re doing business with would add a certain level of peace of mind that they’re not going to rip you off. It could be a facilitator for further business or, dare I say it, even a friendship.

There’s even a certain amount of internet fame/infamy interest. If someone has excellent content on Photobucket you may want to check out their MySpace credentials for a more in depth look at whatever other creative work they may do.

MySpace Data Availability does seem like an incredibly positive step. The only issues are that now all your eggs are in one basket. If someone cracks one site then they’ve got information on all the others. But then, my attitude is, so long as my bank details aren’t up there, what exactly do I have worth stealing?

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