Comes with Music comes to 3 on the Nokia N95

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comes-with-music.jpgNokia Comes with Music is coming right at us again. This time it’s 3 who’s taken it on by offering the service packaged up with selected 8GB Nokia N95s. When they say “selected” I trust that means “you can select not have it”, at least I hope so.

The package spoken of involves shelling out £35 over 18 months for 1GB of internet access, 300 mins/texts, the handset itself and all that really annoying access to Comes with Music. Now, I wasn’t too fussed about the new Nokia service until I downloaded a few tracks at the weekend from the iTunes store and remembered just how seriously stupid DRM is.

My notional objections to the concept were matters of personal liberties – if I buy the music, why shouldn’t I be allowed to do as I wish with it? Now though, it’s just plain frustrating. I’m trying to compile a list of songs to take on holiday. I don’t want to take my bulky, old, mark one iPod away with me. I want to take my slimline Creative Mozaic but that means there’s a whole bunch of tracks I can’t listen to. That, my friends, is but one example of why we, the public, shouldn’t stand for this.

Anyway if you really want to get talking music management, have a word with Duncan at Noise Gate.

Oh, and if you still want to get involved with this Nokia malarkey, then Comes With Music comes to 3 on 3rd November. Thumbs up to the offer, thumbs down to Comes with Music.


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