A 2-inch screen and 1.3-megapixel camera aren’t the kind of specs that send phones flying off the shelves but that’s not the game of the Nokia 7100 feature phone. The idea behind this little baby, as with all Supernova handsets, is that very marketable cross between beauty and cheapth and I can tell you that what the 7100 may lack in beauty it certainly makes up for in cheapth.

Here, Zara will tell you all about it…

The best deal I can find is for £64.99 and if you can’t afford that for a phone, you probably can’t afford to make any calls anyway.



Although I was told in no uncertain terms that I’m not allowed to label this a ‘review’, I really liked the Nokia E75. Its QWERTY keyboard complements the keypad nicely.

Shame the screen’s a little on the small side, but you can’t have everything, I suppose. If you’re a prolific text communicator, then you’ll find a lot to like here. If you’re more into your multimedia, then it might be worth sitting tight till the N97, which isn’t far off now. Check out my full thoughts in the video above.

SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: HP Pavilion DV2 12.1" notebook

This week sees the launch of the hotly anticipated, 12.1″, entertainment notebook from HP, the latest in the Pavilion range. We had a glimpse of the DV2 at CES a few months back but nothing beats a closer inspection with Shiny Shiny’s Zara, so here she is for a tour of the £499 piece of computing kit.

It seems to have a good selection of ports and, although the screen isn’t up to HD content, I’m glad to see an HDMI port in case you’d like to strap the thing to your TV for all your downloaded high res programming, of which you’ll have space for up to 500GB. The other option is the external optical drive which can be upgraded to Blu-ray presumably at moderate cost.

Got to say that the whole package looks rather sexy and it’s always good to see trust in an AMD processor. Looking forward to having a play with this one first hand