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I was walking down the highstreet yesterday and, no word of a lie, I heard Christmas tunes playing. No word of a lie. Either they’d popped the wrong CD in the player or it’s the earliest Christmas shopping season drive I’ve yet been privvy too. No doubt it’ll also mean that the little ones will be rolling out the parchment and quill and getting together a Christmas list, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Putty Monsters making an appearance on there somewhere.

Made for kids by kids, they’re a goggly-eyed glob of malleable putty that can be stretched and squashed into an infinite number of kooky creations. Good clean fun for the kids (and big kids), they even have their own social network where you can hunt down the most inspired creations that people have uploaded. Shiny Shiny’s Saskia has a play around with them in the video above.

Available from Firebox for £9.99.

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