The Novus Mini Coyote – happily exploiting a legal grey area to give drivers real-time speed camera updates

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novus-mini-coyote-gps-speedcam.jpgThe Novus Mini Coyote lets drivers radio in the location of hidden, newly-placed and mobile speed cameras, compiling a central database that will alert aggressive BMW drivers to when they need to slow down.

It isn’t illegal – but presumably soon will be. We can’t imagine THE LAW putting up with this sort of anti-social, rule-flouting behaviour for long. Here’s how Novus describes its all-seeing, all-warning anti-radar machine…

“Mini Coyote is always up to date as it maintains a GSM/GPRS communication link with the Coyote servers to exchange information relative to fixed and mobiles speed cameras as well as frequent danger zones. Mini Coyote is very simple to use, it helps you travel securely and avoid the dangers of the road.”

The Mini Coyote launches next week and can be pre-ordered from Novus here for £199. If you want one you’d better be quick, before owning and distributing them attracts a minimum five-year sentence and gets your car towed and crushed into a small cube.

(Via The Times)

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  • I may be wrong, but I think that there are already products on the market that do this combined with GPS. Possibly even the TomTom using data feedback over a mobile phone?

  • The Mini Coyote – Powered By Novus Systems. For further detailed info on the specifications and features please visit:

    our staff will be very happy to answer any questions you have on the new Mini Coyote.

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