Myspace update adds gig ticket sales

In a post that we could just have easily titled "You Should Have Been Doing That Years Ago", Myspace have today moved into the live music sphere, allowing artists using the site to sell tickets to events and shows on…

The Novus Mini Coyote – happily exploiting a legal grey area to give drivers real-time speed camera updates


The Novus Mini Coyote lets drivers radio in the location of hidden, newly-placed and mobile speed cameras, compiling a central database that will alert aggressive BMW drivers to when they need to slow down.

It isn’t illegal – but presumably soon will be. We can’t imagine THE LAW putting up with this sort of anti-social, rule-flouting behaviour for long. Here’s how Novus describes its all-seeing, all-warning anti-radar machine…

Mobile phones about to become electronic tags – a passport might be required to buy one


If you’re one of those people who likes to get angry about possible privacy invasions, this should get you nicely red-faced until well after lunchtime.

As part of the vague, all-encompassing crackdown on anything to do with “terrorism,” the government is considering adding mobile phones to its national database of who owns what – so you could be asked to hand over your passport in exchange for buying a cheap pay-as-you-go job…