Zoombak GPS tracker: Ideal for stalkers


zombakimage003.jpgParents! Want to increase your anxiety about your children driving by tracking every twist and turn they take? Or maybe you just want to covertly monitor their movements? If this is the case, Zoombak has created just the product for you.

The Personal GPS Locator will track the location of whatever it’s strapped to, and will let you keep up with movements via e-mail, text message, or on the Zoombak website. The two suggested uses for this are for tracking teenage motorists and making sure your car hasn’t been stolen – two things that aren’t always unrelated.

Obviously no one at Zoombak has ever watched any films where the concept of tracking devices are used – the baddies will always scan the stolen object or a kidnapped person for a tracking device, and will then throw said device on to the back of a lorry going in the other direction.

The device itself is pretty small – it’ll fit in the palm of your hand, which is why Zoombak is offering different kits, such as a version for dogs, which comes with a collar, in addition to the motoring version.

Price-wise, it’ll cost you your civil liberties as well as £99.99 for the device, and then a £9.99 a month service charge.

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James O’Malley
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  • I purchased the Zoombak after losing 18 bikes to theft, 8 in San Francisco alone. With this device, I can find my bike when it gets stolen. Before thet, I could only guess where they went. Someone told me a good place to look is in a pawnshop. Someone else said a good place to look is on South Van Ness Ave.

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