Sanyo has said it's doing something to make Blu-ray lasers better

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sanyo-upping-blu-ray-capacity-100GB.jpgTo this end, Sanyo is promising to boost the capacity of Blu-ray discs to 100GB and maximise write-speed of burners to around 12x.

It’s all thanks to clever and more powerful new blue laser diode technology, which allows up to four data layers – each packing in 25GB of deleted scenes and staggeringly dull interviews with the leading man – to be stuck into a single Blu-ray disc at TWELVE TIMES writing speed, twice the current 6x maximum.

Sanyo has only given a vague “2011” delivery date for this next-generation laser device, so it presumably just wants to get us excited and give the internet something to write about today. Although we’re not particularly excited about there being another kind of blank Blu-ray disc. The last thing Blu-ray needs right now is some extra confusion about the already quite lost-at-sea HD format.

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