Sony unveil the Vaio TT – the world's lightest laptop with Blu-ray

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This is the 11.1″ Sony Vaio TT notebook PC. Nice, isn’t it? Sony reckons it’s the world’s lightest notebook PC that has a Blu-ray option. I’m not going to test them on that – I’ll just take them at their word. You’re not lying to me, are you Sony?

The TT weighs just 1.3kg, but the basic model doesn’t include the aforementioned Blu-ray drive. All models sport an 11.1″, 16:9 LCD screen, and an HDMI-out port, for hooking it up to a massive HDTV. There’s an option to upgrade to a 256GB solid state hard drive, too.

The basic model costs US$2,000, with the Blu-ray option costing $2,700 and the SSD model costing $2,750. Seems a bit steep to me, but you are getting a Vaio, I suppose. No word on UK pricing or availability, but it’s apparently available from online retailers in the US already.

Sony Vaio (via IGN)

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