Atari getting behind Apple's App Store – Missile Command and Super Breakout on the way

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atari-breakout-apple-app-store.jpgNot only are Missile Command and Super Breakout both coming to the App Store for play on iPhone and iPod touch, but they’re also getting tacked-on touch and motion controls to make playing them in public more than a little embarrassing. It is the way of the future.

Missile Command uses the Multi Touch feature to allow missile placement with your fingers, a clever idea which ought to emulate the original arcade machine’s trackball controller far better than any other modern day console could ever manage. And Super Breakout has been even further modernised, using Apple’s accelerometer to allow players to fire off the game’s power ups.

Both games are out now, feature two-player options and let you listen to your fashionable and self-conscious collection of music while you play. Atari’s Phil Harrison says this is the “first step” in bringing Atari’s back catalogue up to date. So expect more. Many more.

(Via Atari)

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