Apple iTunes Store finally hits the UK with HBO


Tony-apple.jpgIf there’s one US network the public over here wanted on the iTunes Store, then it’s HBO. So fans of the Wire and the Sopranos et al, prepare to be happy as Apple announces today that they’ve agreed a deal to bring them to a computer near you.

The shows will be available in the UK at £1.89 per episode and will include:

– Sex and the City Season 1-6
– Entourage Season 1 and Season 5
– Rome Season Season 1 & 2

– The Wire Season 1 and Season 5
– The Sopranos (Season 1 and Seasons 6a and 6b).

New episodes will be added to the list after they’ve been premiered on UK TV so as not to mess with any deals that broadcasters may already have with HBO.

It’s all there now. If you don’t believe me, go and have a look and however you feel about Apple and/or pay for download services, it’s good to have more options out there. Don’t you think?

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One thought on “Apple iTunes Store finally hits the UK with HBO

  • The picture quality on those iTunes downloads is shockingly good — “The Sopranos” is a really beautifully made show, so it should look great on your monitors. (The only show I’ve actually downloaded that way is “Mad Men”, which is actually from a “Sopranos” writer/producer and has a slightly similar feel — looked beautiful.)

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