Sanyo has said it's doing something to make Blu-ray lasers better


To this end, Sanyo is promising to boost the capacity of Blu-ray discs to 100GB and maximise write-speed of burners to around 12x.

It’s all thanks to clever and more powerful new blue laser diode technology, which allows up to four data layers – each packing in 25GB of deleted scenes and staggeringly dull interviews with the leading man – to be stuck into a single Blu-ray disc at TWELVE TIMES writing speed…

Hitachi nearly done with its 100GB Blu-ray disc

blu-ray-100gb.jpgClearly oblivious to the disinterest storms Blu-ray and HD-DVD are kicking up around the world, Hitachi has been bravely working away on increasing the storage capacity of Sony’s expensive blue discs. Perhaps a 100GB one will make people bothered about HD formats?

The tireless Hitachi boffins have managed to squeeze 100GB of storage space on its new blank discs, by mashing four regular Blu-ray data layers…