Sanyo has said it's doing something to make Blu-ray lasers better


To this end, Sanyo is promising to boost the capacity of Blu-ray discs to 100GB and maximise write-speed of burners to around 12x.

It’s all thanks to clever and more powerful new blue laser diode technology, which allows up to four data layers – each packing in 25GB of deleted scenes and staggeringly dull interviews with the leading man – to be stuck into a single Blu-ray disc at TWELVE TIMES writing speed…

The… brace yourselves… TARDIS wardrobe

The must-have Christmas gift of 2008 for the 3-11-year-old demographic, it is, and we can hardly believe such an amazing item exists, a TARDIS wardrobe! It is such a great idea. One of the world’s best ideas, alongside automatically slicing bread with a machine and trainers with air in the soles for extra bounciness.

Fashioned out of the finest canvas and non-sustainable pine, the TARDIS wardrobe boasts a “single rail” and “zippable doors.” But it’s not about features. It’s about shape and colour, and saying “POLICE BOX” in the correct font.


It is also the ideal Christmas gift for those in the 33-49-year-old sci-fi fan demographic, along with some Babylon 5 slippers…

Japan gets three new Eee PC colours – 4G XP model now comes in pink, green and blue

Of course, it’s not just “pink,” “green” and “blue”, though. That would be boring. That would be too easy, too predictable. They need SPECIAL NAMES! The new Japanese XP-packing Eee comes in “Sky Blue,” “Rush Green” and “Brush Pink.”

Here is the Sky Blue variant. It’s a little flash of summer to brighten up your afternoon. I have drawn in the Sun myself, for extra summer realism.


Sky Blue we understand. It’s blue. Like the sky is occasionally. Rush Green we also sort of understand, as, presumably, Asus means it’s as green as some rushes.

But Brush Pink? The phrase “as pink as a brush” doesn’t ring any bells…

Acer's Gemstone Blue Aspire 6920 notebook features, yep, a Blu-ray drive…


Acer’s adding to their Gemstone series of laptop, with a cornily-named ‘Gemstone Blue’ model, or the Aspire 6920. Hmm, blue, I wonder why they called it blue…?

Oh, I see. It features a Blu-ray drive. How apt.

Available in 16″ and 18.4″ options, they have 16:9 1080p screens as you’d expect with a Blu-ray drive, 1.5Ghz Penryn processors, 320GB HDD, and 512MB NVIDIA 9650m GS graphics. Not forgetting the 6-in-1…

Chinese manufacturer Penchan has done it! A 5.5 terapixel camera!

Who woulda thunk it? The Chinese company Penchan has developed a camera with a whopping 5.5 Terapixel resolution, or in layman’s terms, 5,500,000 megapixels. Yes, really. We just got off the phone to Canon and Nikon and it’s safe to say, they’re petrified.

When we told Hasselblad about Penchan’s new product, they vowed to get out of the industry as fast as their little Swedish legs could carry them.

But, to obviously soften the blow to their competitors, they encased it in a powder blue cover…