Gamescom 2010: Gran Turismo 5 release date confirmed, Blue PS3 races into view

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GT 5 bundle.jpgAfter literally years and years of waiting, there is now finally a concrete, set-in-stone, real-deal, no-turning-back release date for Gran Turismo 5!

The premier driving sim will be hitting PlayStation 3 consoles on November 2nd in the USA and November 3rd in the UK and Japan.

Japanese gamers will also be treated to a Limited Edition version of the game which includes 5 download-only cars and a 308 page book. But that’s not the only Japanese exclusive; a “Titanium Blue” 160GB PS3 console will also launch there with the Limited Edition version of the game bundled in.

No word on whether either of these collector’s items will hit the UK or US yet, but after a wait as long as we’ve endured for GT 5, it’d just be mean now of Sony to hold it back from the rest of the world.

Scroll down for a few more pics of the Gran Turismo 5 gear.

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