eBay not to blame for that fake memory card you bought off some bloke in Hong Kong

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ebay-tiffany-fake-goods-ruling.JPGeBay has won its long-running legal battle with expensive necklace make Tiffany’s – and been found not responsible for the piles and piles of fake tat that clogs up its virtual shelves.

A judge found that protecting their products is the responsibility of the brand owners, not the seller. So eBay’s off the hook, thanks to a ruling that’s also rather bad news for the companies currently trying to stop their pricey goods getting sold on for knockdown prices on the online flea market.

“It is the trademark owner’s burden to police its mark and companies like eBay cannot be held liable for trademark infringement based solely on their generalized knowledge that trademark infringement might be occurring on their websites,” said Judge Richard Sullivan.

Tiffany, meanwhile, was “shocked and deeply disappointed” to have lost the four-year legal battle – and expected to blow more cash on appealing the decision.

(Via iNews)

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