Clever German uses an MSI Wind, and a grinder, to create a fake MacBook Mini

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fake-macbook-mini.jpgThe fans of small computers over at Liliputing – who must be well happy about the rise and rise and rise of the “netbook” and the impact it’s having on their Adsense earnings – have sourced a rather insane guide that shows a technically adept person how to build a MacBook Mini.

So, if you can’t get approved for a mortgage to buy a MacBook Air, you can have the next best thing – thanks to a German user on the MSI Wind forums. Yes, that’s just a lovely MSI Wind, with an Apple logo cut into the lid and six LEDs stuffed into the case to make it glow.

Quite a lot of effort, especially as the maker even created a superb parody of the MacBook Air advertisement as well. Some people are officially TOO TALENTED.

(Via Liliputing)

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