See how much your parking space or garage is worth with Park Let


Here’s one for the financially-motivated amongst you. Park Let is a website that lets you find out exactly how much that parking space outside your house that’s just housing a skip, or garage full of old lego, could be rented out for.

It’s free to use, and gives you a range of prices from low to high in your local area, based on data from the company (which makes its money from letting out those spaces). It’ll probably drive down prices a little bit, but at the same time, it’ll also likely bring them a whole bunch of new customers.

Whether or not you want to rent out your garage or parking space, it’s interesting to see how much it would go for. One outside my house in North London goes for £112 in the medium/all category. How much is yours worth? Play Parking Space Top Trumps in the comments.

(via CrunchGear)

Microsoft Equipt launching in UK next Monday: rent Office software


Microsoft has announced that it will be launching its Equipt software subscription service in the UK next week. We announced the service in July, when it became available to US customers for $70 per year.

The service offers Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows Live tools for an annual subscription of £59.99 (the exchange rate rip-off is at work again). It will initially be sold through PC World.

Have a problem? No-one to help? Maybe you can hire… the A-Team van.

Earlier today my colleague James brought to our attention the incredible story of a man who made a life-size replica of the batmobile from bits of junk and zero help from blueprints. Amazing. But imagine my surprise when i subsequently stumbled upon the website of a man who has made real another infamous vehicle from my childhood.. the mighty black and red-striped beast that is – the A-Team van. And not only that – but it’s available to hire. Really. You can hire it. The A-Team van! Excited? Me? Very.

Eight Lane Scalextric M25 Edition, for birthdays, weddings and management training days


Imagine the fun. Imagine the danger. Imagine the horrendous impact it would have on your electricity bill and the environment. Actually, no, don’t imagine the last one. Just imagine fun and excitement.

Because that’s what those male models are experiencing in this fantastic photograph, and it’s all thanks to the Eight Lane Scalextric – a monster, custom-made car-racing set that’s available for hire right now, should you have a room large enough to accommodate its motorway-sized dimensions…