Eight Lane Scalextric M25 Edition, for birthdays, weddings and management training days

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eight-lane-scalextric.jpgImagine the fun. Imagine the danger. Imagine the horrendous impact it would have on your electricity bill and the environment. Actually, no, don’t imagine the last one. Just imagine fun and excitement.

Because that’s what those male models are experiencing in this fantastic photograph, and it’s all thanks to the Eight Lane Scalextric – a monster, custom-made car-racing set that’s available for hire right now, should you have a room large enough to accommodate its motorway-sized dimensions.

The thing’s computer controlled, so you get lap times, accurate positioning and all the sorts of team-building, morale-raising, “Well, done, Mike! 12th is brilliant!” features normally found at go-kart racing tracks. Only here, no one smashes their knee on a steering column and has to be taken off site in an ambulance.

(Via Born Rich)

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Gary Cutlack
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