Scalextric enters the world of social media


Scalextric phoned me earlier. If you were a child of a certain part of the late 80s and early 90s, then you’ll immediately be envious. In actual fact, though, all that happened was that my inner eight-year-old immediately took the fore and started babbling excitedly. It was quite embarrassing. All they were trying to tell me is that Scalextric has entered the world of social media.

The company has launched a Facebook application, a YouTube channel and a blog. That wouldn’t normally be terribly exciting news, but the app and the channel seem pretty cool. The Facebook app lets you build a garage of cars that you can send to other people using the app. A few people will also win real-life Scalextric vouchers, so you can fill your real-life garage up with that instead.

The YouTube channel is also pretty awesome. There’s video of Jensen Button playing with the diminutive cars, but also guides on how to replace the contacts under the cars if they get worn, and footage of an attempt at the world record for biggest Scalextric track.

Lastly, the blog. It’s a little clunky, but there’s sections for news about the toys and space for news about motorsports. There’s also a ‘coming soon’ section for technical help on Scalextric builds, which I’m sure will come in handy.

The only thing missing in this list is a Twitter account. What’s that all about, Scalextric? I want to message @scalextric and not have some bloke from Warwickshire reply.

Blog, YouTube and Facebook App

Eight Lane Scalextric M25 Edition, for birthdays, weddings and management training days


Imagine the fun. Imagine the danger. Imagine the horrendous impact it would have on your electricity bill and the environment. Actually, no, don’t imagine the last one. Just imagine fun and excitement.

Because that’s what those male models are experiencing in this fantastic photograph, and it’s all thanks to the Eight Lane Scalextric – a monster, custom-made car-racing set that’s available for hire right now, should you have a room large enough to accommodate its motorway-sized dimensions…

Playseat Evolution racing seat: "the best car game accessory ever made"


For anyone striving for extra realism in their racing games, the Playseat Evolution could be the piece of kit needed.

The patented gaming chair has been launched in the UK market, and claims to be so good that it’s a sponsor of the Dutch A1 racing team, and has been thoroughly tested by all of their drivers.

It features a highly adjustable, rigid seating arrangement and high quality materials, so that it can withstand “even the most vigorous of gamers”.