PlayStation implicated as boy hires hitman to off his mum


hitman-pete-waterman.jpgA particularly awful episode of Jerry Springer is being played out in American court rooms right now, thanks to 16-year-old Cory Ryder being charged with the attempted murder of his mum.

His insane spiral of anger was triggered, in part, by his mother banning him from watching TV and confiscating his “PlayStation” – perfectly normal behaviour for parents of teenagers you might think.

Only Cory was so enraged he decided to hire a hitman to bump off his poor mum – but the bumbling little weirdo offered an undercover policeman his stepdad’s pickup truck as payment for the hit, resulting in the confused little boy ending up in the slammer.

Pete ‘The Hitman’ Waterman is in no way related to this story. He is not the hitman Cory attempted to hire, it’s just that Pete’s funny little face makes the whole sad tale seem a bit less disturbing.


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