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parrot-car-kit.jpgParrot, the unfeasibly-difficult-to-Google-due-to-the-bird producer of in-car hands-free kits has just brought out a range of new iPod-enabled music control systems for your vehicle. These devices hook up to your car stereo and allow you to play almost any device through your car speakers.

At the bottom end, there’s the MKi9000, which just consists of a control unit that can be used to control music and telephone functions. The unit comes with connections for iPod and iPhone, as well as line-in, bluetooth and USB.

More models, and full specs, are over the jump.

The next step up is the MKi9100, which sports a small one-colour OLED display. It’ll display phonebook, menus, settings, playlist, etc, and you’ll also get the aforementioned control unit and bevy of connections.

Top of the range is the MKi9200 (pictured above) which has a colour TFT screen that’ll happily display album art, wallpaper, playlist, caller id, anything you like. There’s also a SD card reader which you can attach to this, and again, you get the control unit and wealth of connections on top of that.


The screens are removable, as is the control unit, so you can take them when you leave your car. There’s also voice dialling functions, so you can keep your eye on the road a bit better. I don’t personally drive, but I know that when I’m trying to play World of Warcraft when on the phone, either my conversation or my levelling suffers. I fear for trying to drive in similar circumstances, but then I’m male and therefore deficient in multitasking skills, so your mileage may vary.

The recommended retail prices of the Parrot MKi system are as follows – MKi9000 for £130, MKi9100 for £150 and MKi9200 for £190. If you can afford it, I’d say that the screen’s probably worth splashing out for. They’ll be available in the Autumn. Which, according to my seasonometer, is now. I’d say they’ll be available “shortly” then. My seasonometer was right! Parrot informs me that they’re available right here, right now.


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