Olympus gets in on the Micro Four Thirds scene with its compact SLR concept


Things are ALL GO on the hot Micro Four Thirds SLR scene right now. Panasonic revealed its Lumix G1 just last week, shrinking the traditional SLR into a very fancy-looking body.

Olympus, Panasonic’s partner in the new system, has different plans. It’s using the shrunken optical internals to create a compact-styled camera that boasts the power and lens connectivity of an SLR. And a lovely little orange faux-leather band. To be honest, we’re only mentioning this because of the leather band.


The unnamed Olympus device is, sadly, just at concept stage at the moment, so there’s a very real risk that that leather detailing will be replaced with a cheaper plastic finish when the money-men are called in to sign off the final product. We can but hope common sense wins out and the leather stays.

(Via DCR)

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Gary Cutlack
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