Toyota's Winglet Personal Transporter: sounds "space travel" but it's not


Toyota has developed its own incarnation of the oft-mocked Segway. The Winglet Personal Transporter is a vertical mechanised scooter, though at present it has a paltry top speed of 3.7 miles per hour — around a quarter that of a Segway — so it’s probably quicker to walk. You’ll look less silly that way, too…

Toyota invents bug-busting car seat


Okay, so it doesn’t actually kill bugs (or, indeed, miniature aliens). But Toyota’s new car seat does come with an anti-mite allergen treatment, ensuring that you don’t come up in a rash because you haven’t cleaned the car for a few months.

Toyota's robot army will be in the home by 2010

Toyota-robots-2010-mobility.jpgToyota, no doubt still laughing at the Honda Asimo stair malfunction videos, is boosting its own robot production – and reckons it’ll have two models ready for consumers to consume by 2010.

Robot one is essentially useless – it can play the violin. That’s going to be more of an annoyance than a help around the home…

Toyota's DJ Robot becomes a slightly less glamorous receptionist

robotreceptionist.jpg It’s not often you hear of a DJ throwing in the towel and becoming a receptionist, I can’t imagine tight skinny black jeans and scruffy, sweat-soaked tousled hair being generally accepted in offices.

But, that’s what DJ Robot has done. Created by Toyota, it’s performed at the 2005 Aichi World Expo with several of Toyota’s other musical robots…

Bet Larry David thinks the new Toyato Plug-in HV car is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, preeeetty good!

sslog-larry-david-prius4.jpg What’s good for Larry David is usually good enough for us. That’s why we converted to Judaism, innit. Admittedly up until now I’ve always been a little hesitant about Toyota’s Prius car, even though Larry is obsessed with his – maybe it’s just the slight stigma that goes along with the car, that you’ll constantly be branded an eco-friendly twat.

For those who adore their Prius and want to get into Larry’s inner circle (I’d suggest going bald first), but think the car could be even more green, you’ll be jumping in your hemp clothing for joy at the news that Toyota has just announced a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Plug-in HV…

New Toyotas give the cold shoulder to drink drivers

Unfocused pupils and erratic steering are but two of the potential criteria new Toyotas will use to determine whether they have a drink driver behind the wheel. Sweat sensors can also detect blood alcohol levels. Expected to be in…