Revealed: the ringtones that ruin romance

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musicnotes.jpgWe’ve already seen that the British are worried by their own ringtones, and now, two days before Valentine’s Day, research from the ringtone retailer MAX BOX reveals which mobile ringtones are the most unappealing to the opposite sex.

Women said that they were most turned off by men who had arrogant songs referring to sexual prowess or good looks, closely followed by songs associated with football.

The worst song was “Mr Lover Man” from Shabba Ranks, followed by Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up”, and Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. In fourth place was the theme to “The Great Escape” (surely not), with “Match of the Day” in fifth place.

By contrast, men said that overly romantic or sentimental tunes would put them off a girl. Celine Dionne’s “My Heart Will Go On” was top of the list, followed by Robbie Williams’ “Angels” and Leona Lewis’s recent number one hit “A Moment Like This” in third.

Here’s the full list:

Women’s turn offs:

1) Mr Lover Man
2) I Wanna Sex You Up
3) I’m Too Sexy
4) The Great Escape
5) Match Of The Day
6) The A Team
7) Banana Splits theme
8) Benny Hill theme
9) Crazy Frog
10) Mr Boombastic

Men’s turn offs:

1) My Heart Will Go On
2) Angels
3) A Moment Like This
4) Eastenders theme
5) Everything I Do
6) You’re Beautiful
7) Crazy Frog
8) Barbie Girl
9) I Will Always Love You
10) Uptown Girl

Andy Merrett
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