British mobile phone users fear their ringtones

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musicnotes.jpgA staggering four out of five Brits fear criticism of their mobile phone ring tone, according to new research from Dial-a-Phone. Staggering because it’s something every mobile phone user has complete control over.

97% of Brits judge someone’s personality based upon their mobile ring tone, and on average, we change our ring tone 3.4 times each year, taking an average 37.5 minutes to make the choice.

The survey of 18-34 year olds asked them to match ring tones with personality traits, and came up with the following:

Top 10 hit: Moves with times but could be a fashion victim who tries too hard to be cool

Classic Hit: A laid back thirty something attempting to make a statement with a personal favourite

Hollywood Blockbuster: A real movie buff, but perhaps watches one too many films!

Current TV show: Fun personality – but has too much time on their hands

Retro TV show: Creative individual with a love for pop culture – however can appear a little nerdy

Children’s theme tune: Game for a laugh, up for having a good time – though has a tendency to annoy people

Sport theme tune: Armchair sportsperson who enjoys a laugh with the lads/girls also a tad unimaginative

Classical: Tasteful and educated, yet probably on the old side

Made for ringtone (crazy frog etc): Totally unacceptable – most likely a Chav

Mobile setting (original ringtone): Not trying to impress, probably got better things to do than constantly changing their ringtone

Ring Ring: Uber cool, no need to impress though some view as boring – shows a lack of confidence and creativity

Vibrate setting: An Introvert not wanting to be noticed or a businessman not wanting to be rude

Apparently 90% of Brits have been criticised for their choice of tone, though 42% said they had been told off for not personalising their phone.

34% of people said that someone without a cool ring tone has no style. 10% change their ring tone once a week.

“Ringtones are a cheap and fun way to personalise your mobile phone, I am shocked that so many people get stressed about it – choose something you like and don’t be ashamed to let it ring!” said Flic Everett from Dial-a-Phone.

Andy Merrett
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