New survey suggests UK users are technology-shy

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mobile.pngA new survey from PayPal (quite what the significance is I’m not sure) suggests that Brits wish they could turn their back on modern technology because it’s become too complicated.

One in three people can’t set their defunct VCR, and 77% haven’t a hope of getting their DVD recorder to work.

61% of UK mobile phone users don’t use more than voice, text, alarm clock, and camera on their phone, whilst 40% don’t even realise there is a camera on their phone.

Said Neil Edwards from PayPal: “It’s a worrying sign for Britain that so many of us are baffled and therefore turned off by technology. There’s no hiding from technology so burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away. We all must embrace technology or risk becoming the tech illiterates of the world.”

I expect it depends who you ask, though, as there are plenty of surveys around that suggests us Brits are embracing and pioneering technology in our everyday lives.

(Via Mad4MobilePhones)

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