3GSM: Viruses hit mobile operators hard

3GSM 2007, Mobile phones

mobile.pngA joint survey from security software firm McAfee and the research company Informa has found that mobile operators are being struck hard by viruses.

A poll of over 200 operators worldwide shows that they are experiencing the effect of viruses in reduced customer satisfaction, network performance, and impact upon their brand and revenue.

Though mobile viruses are relatively few and don’t affect mobile phones with the same severity than many of those found on PCs, they are still a threat that needs to be taken seriously.

Most antivirus companies now have software for mobile phones.

“This research clearly demonstrates that mobile security is moving quickly up the industry agenda with the number of malware incidents rising and more time and money being dedicated to resolving mobile security issues,” said Victor Kouznetsov, Senior Vice President of McAfee Mobile Security.

There are believed to be around 350 mobile viruses, worms or other malware since the first one appeared in 2004.

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Andy Merrett
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