Cursor-shaped oven gloves – what's on the menu?


If you’re like me, or Shiny fashion editor Gemma, you spend a lot of time staring at PDFs and Abobe Reader. Who knows, maybe unlike us you actually enjoy it and you want to see the scrolling hand when you get home from work, too.

What you need is the “Clicking” oven mitt, to stop your poor hands getting singed when removing pots and pans from the oven. It’s an authentic, pixellated, cursor hand, and you can bet your bottom dollar that after a week of use it won’t be so shiny white and clean. Even so, it’s bound to pump up your geek cred – and that’s what’s important in the kitchen, right? Right? Here – taste my risotto.

“Coming soon” from Bazar Design (via OhGizmo)

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LG SolarCUBE: A microwave/oven in the trueist sense


I don’t have a microwave and I regretted it on Monday morning as I sat in my dressing gown eating the cold left-overs of my Char Siu (not a dog). If I did buy one (not a dog), it might look a little like the LG SolarCUBE. On the other hand, it might not.

The SolarCUBE actually looks quite good. It’s basically a top of the range light oven or microwave with actual oven cooking facilities…