Ferrari FXX Exclusive pedal go-kart – it looks pretty, while you do the work



This is completely silly. It’s even sillier than the R/C drinks cooler and the musical lederhosen. The difference is that I do not, and would never, want a Ferrari pedal go-kart.

Ferrari are engineers. Sure they’re designers too but their products have moving parts that run smoother than the German railway system. So why bugger the whole thing up by relying on my leg power to drive this undoubtedly well-made vehicle?

The kart – made by Dutch toy company Berg – is based on the Ferrari FXX but I wouldn’t exactly say they were twins.


The pedal version comes in at a whopping £1,239. You can buy a motor-powered kart for that!

What you do get for your cash, apart from some exercise, is a seven speed transmission, an on-board computer, disc breaks, slick tyres and a set of 12″ alloys. Where’s the bass-tube and UV light, I ask myself?

If you don’t think you’ll need all of that, God forbid, you can always opt for the stripped down “Racer” which has a spoiler or two and just looks quite nice. That’s only £415. What a bargain.

Ferrari pedal go-kart

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