R/C mobile drinks cooler: for very silly, very lazy people – just like me

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remote-controlled-drinks-cooler.jpgThis is the laziest thing since paying someone to touch your toes for you, lazier than putting yourself on a respirator because you just can’t be arsed to breathe. In fact, this item is so unbelievable unnecessary and pointless that I really want one.

I’m sitting in a boiling hot office in this first bloom of 2008 English summer. Whenever I look at this remote control drinks cooler, I can feel the cool patio stones on the soles of my bare feet. I feel the breeze on my brow and I hear the clink of bottle on bottle as this little stubby servant trundles my way across the flagstones. Beautiful.

The soft, portable design sits on four wheels and can be driven at a range of 30ft. My only advice is that you get your hands on the controller or you may find yourself chasing this beer bot about the garden like some drunken rummy while your mates have a good laugh at your hot and thirsty expense.

You can grab one at Firebox for £39.95 but right now they’re out of stock. If, however, they do not wish to be out of business, they’ll be getting a whole new load in before the temperature really soars.

R/C Drinks Cooler (via Toyology)

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Daniel Sung
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