Samsung's Full HD flash-recording VM-HMX20 camcorder

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samsung-VM-HMX20-hd-camcorder.jpgLet’s just get all of the keywords out of the way first – flash-based, camcorder, VM-HMX20, full HD, 1080p, 30fps, recording, 2.7″ LCD, touchscreen. Google’s going to LOVE that lot.

Those technical terms all apply to that thing she’s holding – the Samsung VM-HMX20 camcorder. It comes with 8GB of built-in flash memory for saving your blurry footage to, plus there’s a SDHC/MMC+ slot for when, inevitably, that’s just not enough room for your piles and piles of HD clips of nothing much happening.

The VM-HMX20 even has a novelty 300fps recording feature, so you can record a thing happening then watch it back in super slow-motion. That thing will almost certainly be something rude. Remember to delete it before putting in on eBay or lending it to your dad.

The suggested retail price is 899,000 South Korean currency units. That could be anything from £20 to £10,000.


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  • Wow, HMX20 makes it real FullHD.
    It is small and light hand-on size.
    300fps recording help to catch in every phical motion and monitor natural action.
    I like it has good function of still camera.
    Hmx20 would be a new gadget in camcorder field.

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