AOL Radio relaunches with at the helm

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aol-radio.jpgAOL is the latest to bow down to the social music revolution that is and the Disneyland of ISPs has asked the internet music streaming specialists to run AOL Radio in Europe.

To begin with only France, Germany and the UK will benefit but it is expected that, soon enough, all on the Continent will benefit from’s free on-demand music platform, as launched in January, under the AOL banner.

The platform allows users to stream any song from the vast online catalogue up to three times each day and AOL Radio listeners will now get this as well as all the usual personlisation perks that offers with its music suggesting service. already has a 21million-strong community but I’d imagine they’re a very different demographic to the AOL crowd who, certainly in the UK, are not on the receiving end of a popular experience.

My girlfriend was conned into signing up with them long before I met her and I curse their name each and every time I use her computer with their nanny-state internet access, criminal browser and irritating pop-ups.

Your average AOL user will not know about and I suppose it could work in that respect as a gentle and easy way to broaden the horizons of non-tech minded people. Personally, I’d still rather AOL didn’t exist. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing they’ll have one less customer next month.

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