Wiki.FM – Wikpedia meets and a whole lot of lost time

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Mash-ups are a truly wonderful thing. In the first place, no one’s going to bother starting with two websites that nobody likes, so you’re onto a winner from the start.

But the question remains, is the result greater than the sum of its parts or instead the bastard child of a drunken one night stand, and Wiki.FM seems to have firmly split the vote.

This latest musical mash-up combines the hugely popular internet radio site with the hub of semi-dubious information that is Wikipedia and is the brainchild of James or jamt9000 as he’s known on the site.

Wiki.FM isn’t the world’s most gorgeous creation but it very effectively combines the player on the left with the Wikipedia page of the band you’re listening to on the right.

Nobody’s claiming that James has done anything sacrilegious but, given the biog and discog information already available on, some wonder if Wiki.FM has added anything new.

I was a little suspicious myself when I tested the system with The Sultans of Ping FC but the in depth info on the Wikipedia side was actually really interesting and the minute the player switched to Ride, I was hooked.

It was an absolute joy to back up the tingles running up and down my spine from hearing the first chords of “Leave Them All Behind” with all the details of what happened to Mark Gardener and his men and it does touch a part of you that just doesn’t quite reach.

Wiki.Fm isn’t going to change the world but be prepared to lose a few days to its powers.

Wiki.FM (via Music Ally)

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