3 mobile sees traffic rocket sevenfold thanks to USB broadband adaptors

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It’s the future. It’s definitely the future. One little USB dongle that’s your broadband connection wherever you go. No hotspot fee rip-offs, no internet separation anxieties, no worries.

And this attainable futuristic dream has resulted in a traffic bonanza for 3, with its newly cheaper USB broadband adaptor making web traffic on its network rocket by seven times in the last six months alone. Here, look, it’s so happy it’s made a graph about it:


“Sometimes the core network has been running at 102 per cent of capacity, at other times it’s 30 per cent of capacity,” said 3’s CEO Kevin Russell, clearly enjoying the fact that he’s saying something that makes him sound like the chief engineer of the Enterprise.

3’s gradually upping the speed of it mobile network too. You’ll see 7.2mpbs speeds by mid 2009, rising to 14.4 by the end of it. All we need now is an unlimited data plan, or, at least, the usual pretend unlimited data plans home broadband suppliers offer.

(Via The Inquirer)

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