3 offers 15GB of data per month for £15


With most mobile service providers given up on trying to con us over the price of a text message, I’d thought it was data they were trying to do us for now. That was before I saw this deal from 3 offering 15GB per month for just £15, and at a pound per GB that makes it the best mobile broadband package…

3 mobile busting out mobile routers for home networking


Seeing as everyone’s been going a bit crazy for the whole wireless USB broadband dongle scene, 3 has decided to up its ‘offering’ – by adding a home router to its wireless broadband range.

It’s all because a few extremely forward-thinking people are using their 3 dongles to totally replace their home broadband connection. So, kindly old 3, wants to make it easier on everyone by releasing a combined router/dongle that’ll let us use laptops, PSPs…

3 mobile sees traffic rocket sevenfold thanks to USB broadband adaptors

It’s the future. It’s definitely the future. One little USB dongle that’s your broadband connection wherever you go. No hotspot fee rip-offs, no internet separation anxieties, no worries.

And this attainable futuristic dream has resulted in a traffic bonanza for 3, with its newly cheaper USB broadband adaptor making web traffic on its network rocket by seven times in the last six months alone. Here, look, it’s so happy it’s made a graph about it:


“Sometimes the core network has been running at 102 per cent of capacity, at other times…