3 offers 15GB of data per month for £15


3-mobile-broadband.jpgWith most mobile service providers given up on trying to con us over the price of a text message, I’d thought it was data they were trying to do us for now. That was before I saw this deal from 3 offering 15GB per month for just £15, and at a pound per GB that makes it the best mobile broadband package in town.

The catch is that you’ve got to sign up for a whole 24 months which always sounds longer than two years to me. Naturally, they’ll chuck in a free dongle of your choice and colour but there’s a good chance you might want to pick up another one by month 15. They’ll probably be something a little faster by then.

I’m not going to sit here and calculate exactly how many tracks or videos 15GB offers you but suffice to say it’s an arse load, and around five times more than anyone else has out there.

They may have a bit of a rep for boxy, old phones but, you’ve got to hand it to 3, they know how to offer a bargain.


Daniel Sung
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