3 offers dongle deal to boost mobile broadband sales

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3_mobilemodem.jpgWhether its for back-up for an existing home connection or because you get out and about a lot, there’s no denying that mobile broadband is getting popular. And the market is getting more competitive – with 3 now offering its USB modems (or dongles) for £69.99.

Obviously there’s the small matter of data to deal with too. 3 has pay-as-you-go plans on offer of 1GB (£10), 3GB (£15) and 7GB (£25) – all of which last for 30 days. A 3GB package should allow you to read around 2,000 emails, browse the web for 100 hours, download 200 music tracks and watch 100 videos. But don’t quote us on that (especially as they’re the official 3 figures).

Good deal? Well, personally I’d say all dongles should be free. And I’m guessing they will be given time, pay-as-you-go or not.


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Dave Walker
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One thought on “3 offers dongle deal to boost mobile broadband sales

  • I await the industry realisation that the consumer has likely already paid for wireless broadband once, and will refuse to do so again. Not least at these jeffing prices!

    Our domestic broadband providers should be providing the hardware resource and software mechanism to take our existing home connections and allocations with us on the road via HSDPA.

    We pay enough for sub-standard broadband access as it is thank-you-very-much.

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