Wiki.FM – Wikpedia meets and a whole lot of lost time


Mash-ups are a truly wonderful thing. In the first place, no one’s going to bother starting with two websites that nobody likes, so you’re onto a winner from the start.

But the question remains, is the result greater than the sum of its parts or instead the bastard child of a drunken one night stand, and Wiki.FM seems to have firmly split the vote.

This latest musical mash-up combines the hugely popular internet radio site with the hub of semi-dubious information that is Wikipedia…

Could it be "good-bye Google" and "hello mega-mash-up" on the web of the future?


Tim Berners Lee, “inventor of the world wide web”, has spoken to The Times about his vision of the future Internet.

In it, Google may well have been displaced by other companies who have embraced the “semantic web”. Put simply (and before we get on to the “Internet Phrase Highlight of the Week”) it’s where every piece of information is tagged so that it can be seamlessly connected with other bits of information, to provide useful tools…