Unreal Tournament/Powerpoint mash-up – dressing up boredom

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Brilliant – well, sort of. Unreal Powerpoint is either a way to make presentations far more interesting or a lesson in how to completely ruin something that’s supposed to be fun.

Hopefully, you do the navigating yourself or it’s really just as boring as it always was except that presentations will take longer. However, It could be tricky trying to go about your business while in the middle of an online guild war with people shooting down your slides.

At the other end of the spectrum, if someone has developed a mash-up whereby you can take Powerpoint into the world of UT, does that mean there’s someone working on the idea of being able to take guns and ammo along to board room meetings? Now, that’s a mash-up I’d love to get involved in.

(via VWF)

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Daniel Sung
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