Musicovery: interactive web radio, tailor-made to suit the mood

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Picture the scene, you’ve stumbled back in from a big night out. You’ve got your boozing buddies in tow. Whoever you live with is going to kill you but sod them, you’re drunk, who cares?

More to the point you’ve got to get the music on but you can barely see, let alone follow the trail of empty CD boxes to find a disc that’s actually there. What you can do, however, is go to and click just once to get a play list long enough to last until dawn.

This fantastic, flash-based, interactive web radio is quite simply the best thing I’ve seen all year. The interface offers you more parameters than you can shake a stick at based on mood, dance-ability, what era of music you wish to listen to and whether it’s mainstream or “discovery”. Musicovery will then generate and stream a playlist straight to your speakers.

All the tracks are separated into 18 different categories, so if R&B isn’t your thing, you can just switch that genre off. You can even ban individual songs if your pet hates get thrown up into the mix. There’s something very liberating about banishing Simply Red for good.

The service is free for Lo-Fi sound (FM quality) but for just US$2 a month you can get the full CD experience. I’ll be paying my dues just as soon as Paypal unblock my account. It was only a little bit of fraud.


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  • Ace review man.. i just tried this out, and it’s frickkin awesome! I’m gonna sign up to the full service though, the cheap option is a bit too tinny!

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