Mobile phone music "too complicated" for most users

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music-mobile-too-complicated.jpgIt’s not just your mum who can’t be bothered working out how to buy, organise and listen to digital music on her mobile phone – 66% of people simply have no interest in using their phones for buying music.

With most saying it’s too expensive and too awkward to put tunes on their phones, only a rather pathetic 14% of the 1800 people surveyed by Jupiter said they gave a rat’s arse about buying full tracks via their mobiles. The fact that mobile operators charge more for via-the-network mobile purchases is the number one gripe, with even the stupidest of phone user rightly OUTRAGED at the thought of paying more money to download a song on their phone rather than via their computer.

So it’s back to selling 50 Cent ringtones to recoup the billions wasted on 3G licenses, everyone.

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One thought on “Mobile phone music "too complicated" for most users

  • I use my N82 as my portable player. Both with my bluetooth headset and its onboard speakers. I also use the radio at work via the standard audio jack cabled into the monitors speakers as its aerial, and in the car I can play the music over an autoscanning FM transmitter that plugs into that same audio jack. I also downloaded the Nokia Internet Radio App for domestic DAB and foreign radio.

    It’s great to have all those possibilities in my pocket, and I love that without proprietary software I can drag and drop my audio onto the device like any other USB/Bluetooth touting player and that the N82’s onboard audio software can sort and search auto-magically using metadata. Which is excellent for navigation.

    However, buying audio over the air is as you state a terrible waste of money currently, no matter who the provider. Just to get it over the airwaves tends to mean one heavily compressed and crappy sounding tune.

    Any news on the 16GB Micro SDHC card? I may even throw away all the CD’s I have rolling around in the car with that much audio potency sitting onboard my mobile phone…

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