Mobbler: scrobble tracks from your Nokia to your profile

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There’s a new application in town specially designed for all you scrobbilicious out there but before you go getting too excited, you’ll need a Nokia series 60 phone for it to work.

For those uneducated in the ways of, what you need to know is that it’s a damn fine internet radio service that builds up a profile of what you listen to – through a process known as “scrobbling” – and recommends other artists and songs according to your tastes, and it does it with alarming accuracy too.

Naturally, the more you scrobble, the more detailed your profile becomes and the more you love the music it suggests. Capiche?

So, some clever chaps out there have designed a way for you to scrobble on the hoof with an application called “Mobbler” – a mobile phone scrobbler. See what they did there?

The idea is you can be walking along, listening to music on your Nokia s60 phone, with Mobbler switched on and it queues up a list of all the tracks you have been and are about to listen to. All you do then is hit the “” button and all these tracks get scrobbled up and sent to your profile in one data saving hit.

Of course, if you’re made of money you can stay connected to and scrobble live as you listen to each track. The choice is yours.

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  • i’ve been having wet dreams of this and now that its true, it doesnt work on my phone.


    thanks for the info thou..

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