Sony's Slim and Lite PSP out now


Better get eBay booted up, and start deciding between .jpegs, as the new Sony PSP Slim has been released today, so there’s no good reason to hold onto your old lardy model. Well, apart from the fact it costs £129.99 and you’d be lucky to get £100 on eBay for your used PSP, even if you throw in ten games and a nice Logic3 travel pack.

So what’s going to encourage you to upgrade? Could it be the fact that it’s 33% lighter and 19% smaller? That it’s now made in Piano Black plastic instead of the heavier metal previously seen? That there’s additional RAM (faster loading times, zomg!), but apart from that…not much else. Sure, it can still play videos and music files, display photos, allow you to browse the web through the Wi-Fi and Web-browsing capabilities, but you’d be hard pressed to say the upgrade is as impressive as Nintendo’s was with the DS to DS Lite.

Out now, it’s £129.99 at GAME.

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    Er, the PSP has always been made of plastic. Only the silver frame has changed in material.

    And doesn’t your point about the DS Phat/Lite say a lot about Nintendo fans? The DS Lite offered absolutely no additional functionality or value, it was just a bit smaller and boxier – yet it sold hugely more units. Style over function, much?

    At least the new PSP offers additional funcionality. It may not be as much as we would have liked, but it’s there. Bigger memory, TV out, faster load times…..

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