Wot, no coloured new PSPs and TV-out cables for us Brits?



UK gamers, it’s time to puff yourselves up into righteous rage. Reports suggest that when Sony’s new slimline PSP goes on sale next week, it will only be available in plain-old black, rather than the different-coloured versions seen in Japan.

And what’s more, games shops are saying they won’t be getting official TV-out cables for the new PSP for launch, and don’t know when they’ll arrive. Considering this is one of the big selling points of the new PSP, this sounds like a bit of a shambles.

The slimmer size and more efficient battery usage make the new PSP worth a look, but if you were dribbling in anticipation at the thought of playing PSP titles on your big-screen telly, the news will have you dribbling hot, salty tears from your eyes instead. Bah.

(via Games Radar)

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One thought on “Wot, no coloured new PSPs and TV-out cables for us Brits?

  • When is $sony going to stop insulting their customers?

    Not only do we have to wait for a downgraded PS3 we also have to support their DRM and rootkits, the closure of ImageStation (image sharing site) and Connect (or whatever the name of their music sales service), we have to pay more for something that does not support their legacy games. Maybe they are too busy editing the wikipedia for Hallo (see https://www.techdigest.tv/2007/09/sony_staffer_fi.html).

    It seems to be the right time to boycott $ony.

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