Sony staffer fingered for negative Halo 3 Wikipedia edits

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sony-halo-edits.jpgLife’s got very entertaining since the development of technology allowing you to track who’s been making what edits to Wikipedia entries. Sony is the latest company to end up with egg on its face, after some negative edits to the Halo 3 page were traced back to its Sony Liverpool studio.

I can’t say I’m shocked – judging by recent revelations, pretty much every large company is either deleting negative references on its own Wikipedia entry, or inserting them into those of its rivals. Without leaping onto the Wikipedia-bashing bandwagon (I think it’s ace), it does show one of the potential pitfalls of this kind of open-source reference.

Of course, the fact that these edits can be traced back via IP addresses shows one of the best parts of this kind of open-source reference…

Sony Halo 3 edits (via Xboxer)

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