Google changes favicon again – much nicer than the lowercase purple g


It seems like only yesterday that Google shifted its favicon from an uppercase G to a purple lowercase g. Well, although the little purple g is still in place, on my computer at least, at the moment, a post on the Official Google Blog suggests that it’s about to change again, to the icon over to the right.


The new icon is a reinterpretation of a submission sent in by a user, one André Resende – a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Campinas in Brazil. The lucky chap, along with the rest of us, get to see a modified version of his creation (left) twenty thousand times a day as we destroy the planet. What do you think of the new logo? I’m quite a fan…

Official Google Blog

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Japan gets three new Eee PC colours – 4G XP model now comes in pink, green and blue

Of course, it’s not just “pink,” “green” and “blue”, though. That would be boring. That would be too easy, too predictable. They need SPECIAL NAMES! The new Japanese XP-packing Eee comes in “Sky Blue,” “Rush Green” and “Brush Pink.”

Here is the Sky Blue variant. It’s a little flash of summer to brighten up your afternoon. I have drawn in the Sun myself, for extra summer realism.


Sky Blue we understand. It’s blue. Like the sky is occasionally. Rush Green we also sort of understand, as, presumably, Asus means it’s as green as some rushes.

But Brush Pink? The phrase “as pink as a brush” doesn’t ring any bells…