Google changes its favicon from uppercase white 'G' to lowercase purple 'G' – thoughts?


favicon-google.jpgSoooo…has anyone noticed Google is wearing some new clothes today? That’s right, they’ve changed their favicon, that little ‘G’ logo which appears on tabs and at the beginning of the URL in the address bar.

The change happened earlier today, however I haven’t seen many people commenting on it – what do you think about the change from the big, official ‘G’, to the more fluid, purple lowercase ‘g’? Does it suit Google’s image more?

I have to say, I don’t mind it, although it’s quite annoying when you’re scanning your 17-odd open tabs, and can’t find the one open with Gmail/Google News/Google Images etc, as you don’t recognise the new icon.

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • There’s nothing particularly offensive about the new g, but I like the old G better. I’ve been reading up on branding a lot lately, and I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve changing such an established and recognizable symbol with one that seems more interchangeable with other companies. The more I look at it, the more it doesn’t seem to suit them.

  • Bruno, same with me. I was Googling something, switched tabs, and suddenly couldn’t find where my search tab was. I frantically searched ‘google favicon,’ which led me to this article.
    It definitely took me by surprise and I’m still a little shaken, but I think I’ll eventually come to like it better. The lowercase, more futuristic-looking ‘g’ suits the Google corporation better, I believe.

  • Just saw the change and was trying to see if anyone blogged about it.. anyways it was a bit annoying for me… I have been using gmail since forever.. and all of a sudden could’nt recognize the darn tab for a second.. I had a lot of ’em open.

    Anyways thats just my thoughts…

  • Personally I think it’s weird. Kinda reminds me of the GlaxoSmithKline logo; which is creepy considering the amount of people on pharmaceuticals these days…. makes me think that they’re somehow trying to associate the two, and by doing so, it potentially has a lot of clout. Call me paranoid, whatever!

  • Just noticed that and search for “google favico changed” 🙂 Found this article

  • Hate it. I’m currently learning to use/tolerate Vista, so the last thing I need on my computer is more CHANGE.

  • Ah, well here I am surfing in France and we still have the big G! unless that is because it is cached – frankly I don’t give a damn!

  • Richard, I think it’s brilliant too, and love the relaxed, carefree nature of the new logo.

    I reckon it’d be good if Google changed their logo every month! How about it, Larry and Serge?

  • As much as I shouldn’t nerd out about this, I can’t help staring at the location bar when I’m on a google page now. It’s almost hypnotic.

    Thank you btw, I couldn’t remember what they had before – the big official G.

    I like being hypnotised, so that’s one for the yes!

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